Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre (KGRTC)

Kafue, Zambia

The Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre (KGRTC) is an ISO 9001 certified organisation established in 1989 that has a focus to provide a learner centred environment for the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies in energy as well as information and communication technologies. The centre also provides a state of the art conference venue and excellent accommodation at reasonable rates throughout the year. KGRTC is the centre for hydropower training in Sub Sahara Africa. Motto: Your Home for Energy Training, Consultancy and Conferences.

Accommodation & Catering

With a selection of 77 self contained guest rooms, The Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre (KGRTC) is the place to stay when you are in Kafue. All rooms are fully furnished with a study desk, digital satellite tv, fridge, telephone, air conditioner and wireless internet. Their two restaurants serve a variety of meals, both traditional and international cuisines in form of buffet and a la carte.

Conference Facilities

The Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre (KGRTC) offers a choice of 3 conference rooms for all your public and private events. With a reputation for delivering successful events, excellent customer service and value for money, KGRTC is the prime destination for workshops, conferences, seminars, team building meetings, weddings, gala lunch & dinners plus all other social, recreational and corporate activities.

Training and Consultancy

The Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre (KGRTC) offers training in five (5) core focus areas; Power Systems Operations and Management * Engineering Operations and Maintenance * Engineering Applications and Management * Safety, Healthy, Environment and Quality Assurance * Corporate Governance, Management and Leadership Development. KGRTC also provides consultancy services in the energy, management and developmental sectors of the economy. Key consultancy focus areas; Assessments for Human Capital Development for business sustainability * Development of Energy Projects * Evaluation of Energy Assets * Operation and Maintenance of Energy Assets * Design and Implementation of Management Systems based on ISO Management Standards.
The Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre (KGRTC), a registered trust in Zambia, is a well established institution controlled by a regional Board of Trustees (BOT) from Malawi, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. KGRTC operates independently with 63 members of staff on its establishment.

Virtual conference announcement!

Event · about 1 month ago
We are pleased to announce that the 31st African Hydro Symposium 2021 conference will be hosted by KGRTC. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Symposium shall be held virtually via Microsoft Teams and/or ZOOM, from Wednesday 6th to Thursday 7th October, 2021, under the theme “Hydropower – Role, Risks and Opportunities in Driving Sustainable Renewable Energy Development for Africa’s Economic Recovery Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic”.

Did you know KGRTC has been a subsidiary organization of the The Southern African Development Community (SADC) from time in memorial?

News · 3 months ago
SADC and KGRTC have strongly worked together to spearhead skills development in the Energy Sector throughout the region, this has been implemented through a number of projects. To view their listing on the SADC website follow the link below;

Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre launches two courses

News · 5 months ago
Its an exciting new week and the last day of the month of May for Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre (KGRTC) as they have started this week by launching two courses, the first course was launched by their training team (On-Campus) at KGRTC and this is the Customer Care training programme with 4 Participants from Kafubu Water & Sanitation Company Limited. The second Course that was launched is an online training programme which is the Cable Jointing and Termination Course for the Eswatini Electricity Company with 15 participants attending remotely from Eswatini via The Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre (KGRTC) E-campus.

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